My Favorite Things

Here are a few of my favorite things:

I have been sewing since 1999.

Conventions, Star Wars, and my 501st/Rebel Legion friends

Performing with Salome Cabaret, expressing myself on stage, and making more costumes!

HR Giger and Alien (Xenomorphs)
I keep most of my collection in the bathroom. I have been OBSESSED with Giger and his art/designs for as long as I can remember.

Chronicles of Riddick Necromongers
I own 4 screen used costumes, and have been entranced with their design and construction since before the film was released.

Starship Troopers
Our collection of screen used items

My Pug Dogs
Kato, Jetta, and Lilly

And this guy


Predators film review

This blog isn’t very science fiction-y yet, so I thought I’d post up my “Predators” film review written circa July 2010:

This isn’t going to happen how you expect…

I consider myself a huge Predator fan. I’m not a fan so much of the Predator itself, but definitely one of the original film. As a science fiction action film, it set the standard for combining hokey with believability. A collection of great characters put up against an alien that lives and breathes killing as much as they do.

I’m personally more of an Alien fan. So when the AVP film series started, I had all my hopes of extending the character and shelf life of the franchise shot down by failed attempts at putting Alien and Predator “culture” into modern teenage audience context. My hopes never really came back to me. Why should I care that the Predators kill innocent normal people? Why would they care. Even Predator 2, through all it’s faults, clearly explained that Predators hunted humans to killed other humans. They didn’t know what side they were on, just that they killed.

Then the announcement of a direct sequel to the Predator film series by director Robert Rodriguez came. Came and went in my opinion, I was so jaded by disappointment in sequels and “reboots” of classic franchises, that I didn’t even think the wonderfully talented director of Sin City couldn’t even help the state of things. So I threw any hope of excitement out the window.

Then came the reviews by others. NOBODY likes this movie. If anybody does, they’re not being very vocal about it. Everyone seems so disappointed, even going as far as to saying the first Alien vs. Predator film was actually better than this.

But I LOVED this movie. I watch the original Predator film at least every 6 months, and could quote it by heart. Most of the other reviews out here say Predators is just a copy of that original. NOT SO. It takes elements from all the incarnations of the creatures: films, comics, books, and rolls makes them into a fun romp in the action genre.

Pink and Black Glitter Nails

I should have been doing a lot of other things tonight. But I felt kinda girly and did my nails instead.

I started with a “HD” hot pink base color.

Then I used a very fine point brush to apply black to the nail bed, I really like how this “reverse” tips I’ve seen on pinterest look.

I have some really sheer tinted colors, so I used this icy blue to apply some thin glitter coats and wet the nail for loose glitter application.

I poured the loose glitter over the black and took a dry brush to it, with gentle strokes to keep from damaging the even coats.

Just before the clear coat went on, the glitter seems pretty thick.

But the clear coat toned down the glitter to more of a shimmer on top of the colors.

Hair Fascinators by Rosey Lady

I’ve been working on a selection of hair pieces/pins, which will all be availabe for sale at the Salome Cabaret table during Southern Fried Burlesque Fest in Atlanta this weekend:

This one has some detailing on the back of the feather and uses a barrette for attaching in your hair.

Most of the pieces have both a sturdy spring loaded hair clip, and a pin-back.

Bird by the Outlet

So yesterday morning I was woken up to the sound of “scratching” in what we thought at first was the attic. I actually pin-pointed it to a wall in the kitchen, but Jon didn’t believe me, and since it was his birthday we moved on with our lives. Fast forward to this morning, and then JON was woken up to the sound. I went into the kitchen to fix the pug’s breakfast, only to discover the faceplate to the outlet moving every time the scratching sound happened. I just said screw it, crossed my fingers it wasn’t a squirrel that would start an electrical fire or bite me with rabies, and opened up the faceplate.
Oh HAI bird!
There was a HUGE bird in there. Poking it’s poor little beak out around the electrical outlet box. IN the wall, completely trapped somehow. My peeps on Facebook helped us identify the bird as a Starling, and man was it dumb! At first I opened up the wall as large as the faceplate would cover, but since the outlet box is pretty old, it didn’t have any slack on the wiring to move it out of the way. I carefully sawed at the opening a little more and propped the outlet to the side with a chop stick, but still, the bird would try to push itself out upside-down, not getting any headway at all.
bird head
I could tell it was exhausted, so before I tried to cut anymore, I took an eye dropper and gave it some water. At first I had to sneak some drops to the side of it’s beak, but then when it realized I was re-hydrating it, it opened up it’s mouth like a baby bird and drank as much as I could give it.

What were the pugs doing during all this, nothing really, just wondering why I had the back door open, or why I was in the kitchen so much without doing anything involving food.

So finally I got Jon to sympathize with the poor bird, and let me saw the hole even wider. He grabbed a bag made out of netting and the bird slipped right out. Catch and Release!
more saw!
lemme out!OUT!
We’ve already got a drywall patch and mud compound drying, as well as all the dents and holes in the house patched up since we had the stuff out. Nothing like saving a bird’s life to motivate a little fix-its on your home… I guess. That was my day. Oh, and tornado watches for the entire evening. Poor bird might have been safer in the wall instead of out in this weather!

Social updates

Here’s a basic map of how my posts are listed. WordPress and tumblr, as well as Facebook links, events, and photo uploads ALL repost on Twitter. All that in turn reposts on my Facebook site. However, my Facebook status updates do not repost on twitter. So they are essentially exclusive to Facebook. There is a link to my reiterate feed and Facebook now through my website and WordPress blogs. Phew! How’s that?

New Blog

I’m upgrading my blogging into the world of wordpress. Tumblr was fun, but it wasn’t really what I was looking for in sharing the fun world of Rosey. I have plans for detailed updates on costume construction, convention and performance reports, and daily adventures in my geeky world that doesn’t fit in facebook status or tweet.