Star Wars Viewings

Everyone is putting their two cents in for what they expect in the new Star Wars films, and instead of piling up my opinion on the already dissected and really unimportant “what ifs” I’m instead going to share some of my favorite already existing Star Wars related videos of jokes, reviews, and commentaries. Enjoy!

Belated Media’s “What If Episode 1 Was Good”
Episode 2 and 3 versions are good too after this, but bottom line someone should give this guy a screenwriters job, stat! It’s always been said that one of the biggest problems with the prequels is no one but Lucas wrote and edited them, without anyone around to tell him what might have been a bad idea.

Red Letter Media’s Star Wars Prequels Reviews
Watching the entire series will take almost as much time as watching a full movie, but it’s so worth it. I’m a big fan of everything produced by RLM, even if I don’t agree with every opinion, the thorough break down of reality is honest and entertaining.

Red Letter Media predicting J.J. Abrams would make better Star Wars films and why, solely based on the success of the Star Trek reboot.

The People Vs George Lucas
If you haven’t watched this on Netflix yet, DO IT NOW! It’s an incredibly well made documentary with opinions from all sides of the “argument”, and caused me to rethink my words from now on before I talk down about the creator of my favorite fictional universe.

The Star Wars That I Used To Know
No further explanation needed.

Star Wars Filibuster
Just for fun, this is my favorite Episode 7 suggestion so far. The original one take rant put to animation, I think it should also be noted Patton Oswalt improvised this speech.

Episode 3 A Lost Hope
Almost a year before Revenge was released, a parody based on only the trailers and the previous 2 films was made available for download. It wasn’t too far from the final version in some ways, and better in others.

Star Wars Call Me Maybe
And finally a video that puts aside all differences and makes all 6 films come together in harmony.