Social Media and Screen Names

Making a complete list of how to find me on various social media and chats:
facebook – roseylady
twitter – roseylady
google – or Rose Wollack
aim – Rosey Lady
yahoo messenger – sci-figal
skype – roseyisalady
snapchat – roseyisalady
vine – Rosey Lady
facebook pages – severedwingsconcepts
instagram – roseyisalady
tumblr – roseylady
pintrest – roseylady
wordpress – severedwings
linkedin – Rose Wollack


Watch “Riddick – Debut Trailer” on YouTube

I loved Pitch Black and all the Riddick back story and lore, but I loved the Necromongers the most. And the lack of Necros in this story greatly dissapoints me. The story that should continue after Chronicles seems obvious to me, and yet they’re trying to recreate Pitch Black instead.

2012 Winter Movie Season

After a mostly comic book based summer, and the worst low period in box office history in four years, I’m ready for the new season to start! Already seen Resident Evil: Retribution, it was an “ok” start. So here’s what I’m looking forward to:


Looper – The first original science fiction we’ve had worth seeing in a looooong time!


Taken 2



Paranormal Activity 4 – Probably won’t get a resolution, but looks better then the last “in the 80’s” attempt, bleh.

Cloud Atlas

Silent Hill: Revelation

This Must Be the Place

Wreck-It Ralph


Anna Karenina


Red Dawn

Killing Them Softly

Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning – Jean-Claude Van Damme, Dolph Lundgren, SIGN ME UP!

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Les Miserables

Jack Reacher

Django Unchained

Fantasy Novel Writing

Years ago I was accepted into a creative writing magnet high school. I enjoyed every second of it, felt like I learned a lot, but mostly walked away thinking it’d never be worth publishing because writing is so hard to make a successful full time job.

Flash forward to now and I have dozens of manuscripts, outlines, and character maps laid out that are only collecting dust. Then the other day I pulled one out that is 10 years old and just started typing.

It’s a fantasy epic that has half a dozen main characters, languages, cultures and a few sub plots to supplement the big picture. In two days I’ve written 5000 words and edited 4000 of them. Apparently my worries of picking back up the creative spark were unfounded. I wanted my first officially finished book to be a science fiction, but this one is coming out a little quicker then I expected so I’m not going to complain.

So in addition to sewing, burlesque, online sales, and pug care-giving, I am now writing again to hopefully publish. *raises glass* Here’s to motivation and preservation!